Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Round Up of Things What Have Made Me Happy

Today. Today there will be good news, welcome returns and adorable sea creatures to brighten your day. 

The Women's World Cup: isn't this image (from the Washington Post) just the most joyous thing ever? I found myself rooting for no particular team, just on the verge of weeping that this was happening on television in my lifetime. A world away from the dull Lynham-fronted Saturday match analysis the BBC used to show when I was a girl. Might I have been more sporty if this had been on then? Maybe. 

Tree planting: never been more important and good to know that we can all do a small thing for a big result. I'm planning a small (oh-so-small) orchard for the bottom half of my allotment, so can feel like I'm doing my bit.  

Exceptional news: from the country I love the most that I've never visited...Iceland. Is Katrin Jakobsdottir the first ever green prime minister?

Intrepid foxes: I have always loved foxes. Even as a hen keeper (part of a former life), I loved them. So this piece made me sigh a little with happiness. 

Congratulations!: to all same sex couples in Northern Ireland who'll soon be able to experience the unique hell that is planning a wedding. Seriously though, this is a great thing that set me grinning when I saw it. 

A Return: Herdy Shepherd is back on Twitter! A long time ago I curated my twitter feed so it's now all nature writing, farming, natural history, books, dinosaurs and artists. I am much happier for it, recommend as a life changer. 

Throwbacks: my Nan had a whole file of cookery cards from the 1960s and 70s, that special moment in time when the Western World did strange and possible illegal things with jelly and canned vegetables. This Twitter account takes me right back to those cookery cards, her kitchen and a simper time...without having to get involved with the actual end result. 

Books: finally treating myself to Grow Your Own Vegetables by Joy Larkom - apparently the veg grower's bible - and The Living Mountain by Nan Shephard. It is my birthday week after all. 

Charity of the Month: the Bloom Association. Set up in 2001 by Claire Nouvian, 2018 Goldman Environmental Winner, to fight against the destruction of the deep sea. 

"Her feelings quickly turned to outrage on discovering that the deep sea had been exploited by industries for nearly 30 years, and that no treaty or law protected international waters, even though they cover two-thirds of the planet. Consequently coral reefs, that can take up to 10,000 years to form, are razed in a matter of minutes by gigantic nets dragging ballasts weighing several tons, irreversibly destroying a biologically diverse landscape that is still virtually unknown to man."

It's an incredible little NGO that has punched above its weight in terms of achievements. Plus, they have a piglet squid as their mascot and they are just about the most adorable thing on the planet.  You can donate here

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