Saturday, January 4, 2020

Down among the mosses

We're on the dog days of the Christmas holiday here - the return to work is due on Monday and Tuesday - and it's showing. There's a lethargy about the house and my jeans are begging me to return to normal eating patterns. So, in a bid to dispell the one and ease the other, I've been spending more time at the allotment. 

Only for half an hour at a time as ongoing foot problems means I find it very painful to be stood up for more than 30 minutes at a time. This is both boring and annoying, and I'm missing planned winter walks. 

Instead, I go and clear brambles, dig over some more of the covered bed and plant out some broad bean plants, taking a coffee and chocolate break (the mystery over my jeans feeling tight deepens...) before limping back home along the canal path, doing my best Igor impression. 

The earth is still waterlogged but the mosses and lichens I find are beautiful. And today I had a cheeky visitor watching me turn over the earth. He was especially pleased with the ants nest I uncovered. 

What is it about the sideways head-bob that is so adorable? 

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