Friday, January 17, 2020

My Week in Pictures

I had an early morning visitor - the Velveteen Splodge (Thor-cat's new nickname because he is as soft and strokable as the purest velvet, and also because when he splodges out on the carpet, he looks almost boneless) wanting to know, in the nicest possible way, where his damn breakfast was.

A quick visit to the allotment last Sunday and a final bout of digging the long bed in time for the frosts (ha!) to break the earth down. It yielded quite the biggest ant's nest I've ever seen, plus a leftover from the previous tenant. I have no idea what a "Pupleurium Houndifalum" is. If , indeed, that is it's real name *squints*

Tulips in the dark dark morning. 

The Withnail Wall is finally up, a mere 7 months after moving in, and it is splendid. It's been our habit for the past 3 years to go to the annual screening of Withnail and I at the Electric Cinema in Birmingham. There we eat themed cake, watch the film amongst like-minded (and often costumed) people and take part in the charity auction. Hence quite so many Richard E Grant signatures. The day they get Paul McGann in to talk about it and sign stuff is the day I genuinely lose my tiny mind with excitement. And have to remortgage the house.

Treated myself to some new t-shirts from Cakes with Faces. Love their designs. Cute but not mutton-as-lamb cute. 

Not shown, my Mum's new knee, my first ever attempt at making a teriyaki sauce (that turned out rather well) and the crochet blanket I started thinking to follow along with Attic 24's C-A-L. I ripped it apart after 4 lines, vaguely unhappy with it but not able to articulate why. Just couldn't face 293 rows of sodding treble stitch. 

Also not shown, my newly-painted bathroom. It is a vivid pink and no mistake. Like being on the inside of a raspberry. If you're going to go pink, go hard, say I. Insert your own double entendre, you filthy minded so-and-sos. 

Riding out the waves of a very wet week (not quite literally) and coasting to a Saturday night full stop. 

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