Thursday, August 13, 2020

My week in...Sights

Sights, quite literally, for sore eyes as I was struck down with an allergic reaction to hydrocortisone/hayfever (take your pick according to whether you are a) my doctor or b) me)). My eyes, for the first time ever, had swollen so much I could barely see. 

One hour and 4 slices of allotment cucumber later, they had reduced enough to allow me to work but then developed very dark circles. It took 3 days to completely calm down. A trip to the pub had to be cancelled so no one called the police thinking the boyfriend had hit me, or the zoo thinking I was an escaped panda. 

Despite this, I saw some things that gladdened my heart this week; here are 7 of them:

Cuban wildlife, thanks to a great BBC documentary, Wild Cuba: A Caribbean Journey. Cuba is one of those places I've always wanted to go. For now, I'll settle for watching jewel-bright humming birds and lizards on the screen. 

The planting of the honeysuckle in the new garden border. This is the boyfriend's project and I'd honestly expected the honeysuckle to live out it's entire life in the pot until last weekend. 

Beautiful sunsets over the rooftops, even if each one has preceded a day so hot the air feels like warm treacle, followed by lightening that flickered and flashed silently through the clouds. Eerie and spellbinding. 

A peacock butterfly. 

Little Mabel waiting for me to wake up with all the patience of a toddler, i.e. none. Nose tapping by paw occurred. 

The glorious illustrations in Samin Nosrat's Salt Fat Acid Heat. They're so lovely, I almost want to put them on the walls. Plus, the book is revolutionary, logical and funny. I want her for my friend. 

The new piece of linocut art that I invested in, hanging on the wall in our living room. 

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