Monday, August 24, 2020


 I try to be really careful with my news consumption at the moment, dipping into my newspaper of choice once a day and Twitter twice. The never-ending dialogue of catastrophe and verbal sparring and lack of nuance can really drain a persons energy. 

But I am careful to keep check of articles I find funny, interesting, reassuring or a plain old hunk of good news. 

Here are some of those I've found recently:

1. Earth Overshoot Day was delayed this year by nearly a month. It's not much, but hey, take your good news where you can find it. 

2. Simone de Beauvoir revealed as an Agony Aunt! How amazing would it have been to take your problems to Simone, have her pull on a Galouise and shrug, Gallicly. "Mon petit, 'ee is not ze right one. Make your own way"?? 

3. Wicked Leeks included a list of things to do with a courgette glut and I am forever grateful

4. There are online jigsaws! Soothing and with the added benefit of making me feel like I'm 10 again, wiling away a rainy Sunday afternoon. 

5. A recent Vittles newsletter on the "life changing magic of cookbooks". Cooking connects us more than we realise: "The question I have been asking myself lately is why do I love cookbooks so much? Why are they important to us? The answer is complicated: what I do know is that I have learnt so much beyond recipes from cookbooks even though the things which have enriched me have rarely been something I actively sought. They are a comfort to me, an escape, and a balm for my soul. Imani Perry, Professor of African American Studies at Princeton said recently: “Living defined by terror is itself destructive of the spirit. Joy was never an evasion of the depths of the wounds, it is literally a sustaining life force”. Anti-blackness is all too real in this time and fighting racism is life-draining. Very little sparks joy in my life, but some cookbooks ignite such a big spark that they practically light a bonfire. Black joy is fleeting; I’ll take mine where I can."

6. When I was somewhere between the ages of 7 and 12, one of my favourite characters in fiction was Ramona Quimby. Naughty and funny and clumsy and living a completely relatable world. This Twitter thread about how she'd be now was everything. 

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