Monday, September 7, 2020

My Week In ... Taste

Autumn, autumn, autumn! Have I said how much I love this seasonal change? And it's not just the smells or the ceremonial bringing out of the tights or the welcome cooler temperature, it's the foods too. Out with faffy salads and in with marvellous potatoes! Out with ice cream that hurts the teeth and in with crumble that hugs your soul! Out with days too hot to cook and in with days that cry out for a roast to make it all better! 

I shall miss the summer fruits but for now there are plums and damsons to take their place, autumn raspberries and the promising gleam of the first apples. Toast in the morning never smells as good as when it's accompanied by that autumnal chill.

The pungent tang of vinegar and tumeric as I bottled runner bean chutney.

The gloriously sharp but nevertheless sweet burst of a ripe damson.

Peanut butter from my local no-plastic shop. They grind the peanuts with no added salt or oil and it's the most intense shot of peanutty deliciousness I've ever experienced. 

Caramelised onion, goats cheese and rocket pizza. Homemade with a crust that required serious jaw action. Perfect. 

Courgette soup repurposed as a pasta sauce because we were both feeling lazy after an intense week of work and gardening.

Late-night Bounty bar: I've gone from being a coconut hater to a coconut lover. And these are trashy but soooo good after a few beers and aforementioned pizza. 

Coffee from the deli next to work, My, that was a hit to the brain as well as the tastebuds. 

What have you been tasting this week?

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