Thursday, October 1, 2020

My Week in...Sights

 My boy and his boyfriend, seen for the first time since mid-July. Both hale and hearty, despite their roles as carers, both full of news and both a relief to a worried mother's nerves. 

The note in my diary that says "annual leave" scrawled all across this week. 

Yellowing, crisping leaves and shiny conkers on the canal towpath. 

Bake Off is back! Oh, to settle into the sofa, under a blanket with a slice of cake I haven't baked and watch this. A gentle muffin of joy with Matt Lucas being a genuinely funny addition to the team. 

The beautiful Irish-grass-after-the-rain green of the soft new wool I purchased with the intention of making myself a cowl for late Autumn. Or snood, if you prefer, which I do because it's satisfying to say. 

Trees! So many trees, including beautiful acers and maples throwing out their purples and auburns with all the sass of a tree that knows it looks good. Also, the friend I haven't seen for over a year as we wandered around an arboretum. 

2 extremely tall, extremely yellow sunflowers smiling at me from a 4th floor  balcony 

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