Wednesday, October 7, 2020

My Week in...Smells

 My annual leave came to an end yesterday and I'm feeling much rested, ready to get back to it and more determined to bring balance to my life. A rut of work, home, eating off lap, bed had developed and this is obviously no good for anyone. The challenge is how to get out of it. Slowly slowly, catchee...betterness?

I'm still a work in progress on this. Aren't we all?

In the meantime, here is last week in odours (oh, now there's an unpleasant word):

The slight rubber whiff of my yoga mat as I unrolled it for the first time in months and actually managed to complete 4 daily sessions. I have missed my yoga. I've especially missed the way it left me able to get up off the sofa without groaning and able to put my tights on, standing on one leg, without falling over. 

A roast dinner at my folks: pork, potatoes, veg and a rich rich gravy. 

The comforting aroma of slowly caramalizing onions and garlic for a pasta sauce. 

Paint. I painted parts of the house while I was off work, including a deep blue wall in the retreat, which I shall sprinkle with hand-painted constellations. I confess willingly to loving the smell of a freshly painted wall. 

Woodsmoke. Bonfires are allowed once more on the allotment site. I haven't had one myself but I am enjoying smelling other's when I go up there. 

Leaf mould. Leaves are falling and coupled with the rain last week, there is the faintest whiff of rotting leaves along the tow path. It's so very evocative of this time of year. 

Mango juice. I treated myself to a ripe mango and the smell was a short blast of summer for a while after I'd gobbled it all up.

Image by...I forget, sorry. Not me anyway, but perfectly encapsulating
how I felt when my umbrella blew inside out last week... 

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