Sunday, October 18, 2020

My Week in...Sounds

 Do you know, I am quite enjoying doing these My Week In...posts. They require me to stop, think back, highlight things that have been nice about the previous 7 days. This week is no different. 

And it has been a bit of a week. Multiple reasons why but I have plenty to look forward to in the coming days, so I'm not going to focus on what's been. Instead, here are my top 7 sounds, pop pickers:

The Irish woman at the pub coming out into the garden and shouting "Ahh JAYZUS!" before running back in to fetch the pints we'd ordered 10 minutes previously. 

The question "would you like dauphinoise pototoes?" from the waiter. The answer is "always".

The merry ding of a WhatsApp message from a friend saying "let's meet up next week. You free?" Yes. 

The crunch of autumn leaves under my feet as I walk home. 

N saying "I like that dress" as I get in from work. 

Samin Nosrat's laugh on the latest episode of her podcast. Can you tell I'm slightly in love with this woman and want her to be my friend?

The comforting whirr of the central heating. Hey, wood fires may be nice but they don't have timers to make sure the bathroom is toasty in the morning. 

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