Tuesday, November 3, 2020

My Week in...Taste

Well, goodbye October and thank you for the extra full moon, the streets awash with the smell of pumpkin lattes, the subdued Halloween (not your fault) and the lovely crackle of leaves underfoot. However, I am less impressed with the sheer volume of rain you threw at us from the sky, so less of that next time, okay?

In fact, October was so weird this year, and so stressful, that I've decided to make November my favourite month for 2020 (usually it's my 6th favourite. Yes, I have an order of months). The new lockdown means increased working from home (hooray!) and subsequent lie-ins, whole weekends spent with N instead of partial ones (normally we only overlap on a Sunday), more allotment time, the chance to get the bike on the road and not worry about being hit by a time-crazed spatially-short-sighted driver, more time to cook stews and soups, more time to snuggle down and knit snoods, more TIME. 

But then I get to be so bloody Pollyanna about it because I have a very privileged life. A roof over my head that I don't live under in fear, a job I love and food in the cupboard. 

Ahh yes, food. 

Back to the matter in hand, my past 7 days in tastes...

1. Homemade and quickly cobbled together burgers as the Kid and his boyfriend surprised us by extending their "popping in" long enough to need feeding up. It was lovely and so good to spend time with them. 

2. The pastry on top of my Mum's meat and potato pie, served on Sunday after they came over to help at the allotment. Nothing like felling trees in the cold to build up an appetite. 

3. A lightly spiced fried egg on top of halloumi on top of gently wilted spinach on top of a sumac-flavoured flatbread. Lunch my boss treated me to. 

4. Chlorinated water at the swimming pool this morning as I forgot to keep my mouth shut as I went under the water. The most uncoordinated swimmer ever. 

5. An oats, brown sugar and butter (substitute) topping of a crumble. A sweetness that was cut through by the tart plums and apples underneath. 

6. Oozy jelly skull sweets purchased from Marks and Spencer on Halloween. 

7. A really good, robust but smooth, red wine that didn't stain my teeth, give me heartburn or a headache the next day. Drunk in the bath while reading Mapp and Lucia (more about them in another post). 

Oh look. It's Hayley Mills and the Mother in law from Bewitched. 
She was far more interesting than Samantha. 
And having just read about Agnes Moorehead, I have to conclude that the 
real woman is more interesting too.

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