All the Books, All the Time?

I read a lot. A LOT. And have done since I was old enough to read on my own. If there isn't a book or magazine handy, I'll read the backs of packets, street signs, whatever has writing on it. Hey, wisdom will set you free. Or, repeated reading of classic crime novels will make life feel more manageable at least. 

Until recently, I kept a reading diary but that started to feel uncomfortable and like another task, so now I don't. I also used to keep a pile of unread books by my bed, but they feel like a mountain to climb, rather than a pleasure to look forward to, so now I don't. One at a time is enough, with the disclaimer that there is also one by the sofa in the living room, one by the bath for bathtime reading and one in my bag for those waiting around moments.

I do post here what I'm reading and I've started adding books to my affiliate page. If I put a book on there, it means I've rated it highly. I don't recommend what I don't like. 

So I thoroughly recommend said website! At time of writing, it's owners don't seem to be massive arses trying to get into space in phallic rockets. See also the reason why I'll never own a Tesla or buy Virgin Media products. I can be insufferably moral at times. 

 Anyway, support something good that keeps other good, smaller things in business by clicking here.
Buy books, read books, give books. 
They will set you free. 

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