Who Am I?

Not an existential question (although the world would be a better place if we all took time to contemplate that one), but an actual attempt to describe myself via some frequently asked questions...

1. What do you do? 
I manage museums. Specifically small independent ones that need a lot of work. This year, I'm launching my small museums advisory service and consultancy as that's what I like doing and people seem to want my opinion on how to do things. Also, I'd like to be my own boss for a while. 

2. Are you one of those annoying yoga converts? 
Depends what you mean by that. I spent a year being taught by the amazing Ziba Bailey and then, when she went back to India, I kept up the practice at home, using Yoga with Adriene (doesn't everyone?). I love it, it kicks my arse every time, I do some every day, I don't try to convert other people to The Way. Although they should definitely do it.  

3. An allotment? Really? 
Hello Dad, is that you? That was a fairly common reaction to the news I had put my name down for an allotment. It took so long to actually get it, I'd sort of forgotten about it. But I do have plans for it and when the food supply chain breaks down post Brexit/apocalypse, you'll be allowed some of my beans if you can tell me the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow...

4. What happened to all the cheese?
I ate it. Next.

5. Did you really? 
No. Annoyingly it turns out that my excema is aggravated, but not caused, by eating dairy, so to keep it under control, I no longer eat cheese or assorted milk-based products. Occasionally this makes me weep in cheese aisles. Even more occasionally I'll think "fuck it", eat it and then spend the next day scratchy and angry. Hurrah!

6. Why are you reading over my shoulder?
Because I stupidly forgot my own book. Now hurry up and turn the page, I've read the last paragraph 3 times and it's killing me. 

7. Just how much do you read and does that leave time for other things like, you know, life? 
I read around 80 books a year, anything from 3 to 8 a month. They get read in the bath, in bed, on the sofa, on the train, waiting for appointments... You get the idea. When I commuted, I read 143 in one year. Life happens around them. 

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